Tips for Good Salesmen

Selling is a rejection Job. Yes you heard it right , sales is actually a rejection job. You have to keep yourself motivated after listening “NO”. A good sales person always know that he has to face 9 – 10 rejections before finally listening a “YES”. Don’t feel bad after facing a rejection. NO means NEXT OPPORTUNITY, yes, it means don’t waste your time, Look for a new opportunity / client. Don’t lose hope   and faith in your product.

Most of the people starting a sales career think that selling is giving a good presentation to your prospects and people will buy your product. If you start explain your product in first 5 mins. Of your meeting with the prospect more chances are you will face a rejection. You have to follow certain steps to crack a sale. I am trying to explain some simple steps that I had learned from my experience.

  1. Build a Relationship:

Try to build a relationship. Listen to his problems, Ask questions. Customer should feel comfortable talking to you first, Sharing his problems, Sharing his goals. Listening build relationships. If you focus on talking only you will lose his trust and relationship. And ultimately lose sale as well.

2. Be a Consultant:  

Always act like a consultant rather than a sales person. Try to diagnose the problem / Goals he has, than explain how your product is going to solve his problem or help him to achieve his goal. If he understands that your product is actually going to help him than he will buy definitely. It depends on you how you explain the solution not the product.

3. Take a Pause:

Always take a pause before replying to any question of your customer. Don’t be in hurry… in this way your customer will think that you are listening to him carefully. Remember, Sales take place with words but Buying take place in silence.

As per my experience if you include these tips in your sales presentation it will really work wonders in your sales graph.

So, All the Best and keep selling!!!  

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