Saving and Investing

Saving and Investment

Here I am with a new topic Saving and Investment….. To fulfill your Dreams and secure your future….

Since from the beginning we were taught by our elders and society to save money for future…. Very true and absolutely correct… But in today’s world where economy is changing so fast, inflation rate is so high… only saving will not be helpful for your future and to fulfill your dreams …. You need to make your money earn for you by investing….

Some people will say that “ I have a salary of 10 k how will I save” …. So what ? start saving 200/ 500 rupees every month . No matter what amount you save every month , all that matter is how early you start saving and smartly you are investing .

There are some golden rules to save money and become rich and fulfill your dreams

1. Start Early : Start saving as early as possible… suppose you are 20 years old having a job with 10 k monthly salary.. start saving as low as 500 per month and increase the amount gradually as your salary grow.

2. Pay Yourself First: A biggest mistake most of the people do they spend first and save last if there is any balance… wrong … always pay yourself first. At least pay 10% of your monthly salary to yourself for saving / investment and then make other expenses from the remaining 90% . This may be difficult in starting but then you will be comfortable and happy to see your wealth growing.

3. Use 10 Second Rule: When ever you want to buy something … Take that thing in your hand and think for 10 Seconds weather you really need this……. Most of the time you will find yourself avoiding impulsive buying by this technique and save money.

4. Be Debt Free: Try Avoid using Credit cards or taking loans if not necessary. Pay your debt first by your savings.

5. Start Investing: Last but very Important start investing your savings … Let your savings earn for you… Now investment totally depend on individuals … You can invest in government funds / schemes which are the safest investment or Mutual funds or equity / gold/ or anything that you are comfortable with … that can give you return on your investments.

But I tell you guys if you follow these rules you can surely make your dreams come true may be it is buying a property or to be rich or anything…

So , start saving and most important start investing…

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