SALES: Is the Easiest profession

Everybody in this world is a salesman. Some time or the other you are knowingly / unknowingly selling something …. Example. A kid want a cycle from his father and his father purchased him  one, That is his first sale… Any Type of sale weather it’s a B2B, B2C, Direct Selling, MLM or Digital Sale your success or failure depends on few points. You need to understand in the following points.

  1. People don’t like to be sold: This means nobody like that a person sells something to him cleverly. Don’t try to be desperate to sell your product in first meeting. People like to be helped… that means try to help him fulfill his needs or help him achieve his goals.
  2. DIG Deep Enough: You can’t help anybody forcefully. Try to speak to your prospects try to know what actually your customer need. Product is the secondary thing you have to understand the need of your customer then think how your product can help him.
  3. Identify your KDM: KDM stands for “Key Decision Maker”. Sometimes you are talking to a wrong person. Try to identify that the person you are trying to sell your product is he/she the decision maker. There are 5 types of People.

A. Initiator

B. Influencer

C. Decider

D. Buyer

E. Consumer

You have to decide according to your business who is the key Decider and Buyer. You have to target them.Identify the Buying Will: This is very important.

4. Identify the will of your customer to buy your product. There are different type of consumers you have to identify weather he / she is willing to buy your product : Few Examples:

  • Person who can’t spend money or don’t want to spend: Eliminate them, don’t waste your time.
  • People Who has money and want to spend: He is your perfect customer.
  • Person who has money but don’t want to spend: You have to motivate him with the reasons how your product can help him.
  • Person does not have money but want to Purchase: Help him with the EMI options, or any other special offers.

Keeping these points in mind can help you achieve success in sales.

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