Rent or Emi?


Rent or Emi biggest confusion in the minds of common man now days. People leave their home town and move to big metro cities in search of better opportunities…. Take an accommodation on rent and start their journey …. As the time passes they start earning a sustainable income But most off the time people did not have the courage to buy their home they stay in rental accommodation for 10 – 15 years….

Common Excuses :
# I have responsibility of my children’s study
# Interest rate is too high
# Bank is cheating us by taking almost triple the amount in the whole tenure
# Property is too small in our budget as compared to our rental home.

Per mere bhaiyo “kiraya toh paraya hota hai”

Do you ever calculate your yearly rent ????

You will be surprised that if you shown some courage and taken a strong decision you will be the owner of a property by this money. No matter how small it is but it’s your property …… you are the owner

So start saving a small amount for the down payment of your home……….. your dream will come true……. Believe in yourself ……….. ALL THE BEST

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