What is marketing?

Marketing and Sales are two different functions in any business. Where sales activities concentrate on selling a product and marketing activities concentrate on capturing the interest of consumers in the product or service for the company. We can call Marketing as the backbone of every company. Though both sales and marketing helps in generating revenue […]

Content Writing as a Career

Isn’t it true that everyone writes? However, there are numerous factors to consider when writing for the internet. Content writing is an area where you must write carefully in order to impress and retain your audience. If you’re wondering how to get started with content writing as a career. Then you should be certain that […]


Piles or Hemorrhoids is a complex disease affecting both men and women equally. Anti Piles is the best solution for your piles management. It is perfect combination of various herbs that can surely and certainly give complete relief from piles, bleeding, hemorrhoid problems and constipation. Its anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory and pain-relieving properties help to stop […]


Bamnoli is a village situated on the outskirts of Dwarka. It is a part of Dwarka remarketed as sector 28 of Dwarka. It is in close proximity of IGI airport and NH8 and at walking distance from the upcoming Asia’s biggest convention center. Next to upcoming L zone (Smart city Project) and embassy’s area. Due […]

Ready To Move 1 BHK for 12 Lakh in Kapashera, Delhi

Location : Kapashera Kapashera in situated bang on Delhi – Gurgaon border. This is old Delhi Gurgaon Highway which was the main road to commute from Delhi to Gurgaon before starting of NH-8. Being the border area transport facility is available 24 hour for all parts of Delhi as well as Gurgaon. Kapashera is strategically […]

Loans from NBFC

When we opt to buy property in Lal Dora / Unauthorized colonies than there are very few options of financial institutions from where we can take loans. NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) provide loan on these properties easily. As these properties don’t have approved maps from government authorities Government and private banks are not willing to […]

Regularized Colonies and Lal Dora

When we are buying a budget property there are limited options either in regularized colonies or lal dora areas because property in approved areas are very high in prices. As they have to follow rules of government authorities that means they can cover a pre defined area in the plot as per government rules and […]